Dvd2xbox 7.6

dvd2xbox 7.6

Nouvelle version pour dvd2xbox, la 7.6 par Wizo.

dvd2xbox 7.5 permet de réaliser des copies de sauvegarde de vos jeux préférés, etc...

Voici (en anglais) les modifications apportées à cette version :

  • added: remotecontrol.xml to “control” dvd2xbox from another app: http://wiki.ws0.org/wakka.php?wakka=remotecontrol.
    A stripped down skin and a python script to call dvd2xbox from XBMC can be found in the dvd2xbox forum: http://forum.ws0.org/index.php?c=4
  • added: support for DHCP (implemented XBMC network layer)
  • added: network mode setting. “dash” to obtain settings from dash, “DHCP” to get it from a DHCP server and “static” to use the settings in dvd2xbox.xml
  • added: support for usb keyboards. Use it to control dvd2xbox and to write with the virtual keyboard (english layout only)
  • changed: the virtual keyboard is only showing the last directory in string now
  • changed: pressing B in the virtual keyboard simulates backspace
  • changed: the unlocker is disabled per default now since it seems to be the cause of crashes on some boxes
  • fixed: two functions former available via the main menu: BLACK to show infos about the inserted XBOX game, BACK to start auto detection of the DVD manually
  • skinning: added the attribute “direction” to the text item. The value “vertical” specifies vertical text
  • skinning: added new item “shortcut” which let you switch to different contexts without using the main menu

plus d'infos sur www.xavbox.com