Dvd2xbox 7.5

Nouvelle version pour dvd2xbox, la 7.5 par Wizo.

dvd2xbox 7.5 permet de réaliser des copies de sauvegarde de vos jeux préférés, etc...

Voici (en anglais) les modifications apportées à cette version :

  • beta: added iso ripper to dvd2xbox. Please note that the raw ripping highly depends on the reading capabilities of your DVD drive. Couldn't test it due to missing softmodded box. Any reports are appreciated (http://forum.ws0.org/viewforum.php?f=9)
  • fixed: added a workaround to avoid screen flashing when switching context
  • fixed: limitation of 1024 files and directories in the file manager
  • fixed: remap of d: to the dvd drive when started and no disc is inserted
  • added: quick scan when starting the game manager
  • added: some simple gui sounds
  • changed: reboot from main menu does a soft reset now
  • changed: text scroller has now pixel based movement
  • skinning: added item defaultmenuback for default menu background images
  • skinning: added item activexbeicon to show the game save image of the highlighted game
  • skinning: added variable mbpersecond to display the average transfer rate in MB/s
  • updated PM3 skin (thanks to Jezz_X)