DVD2XBOX sert à faire des copies de sauvegarde d'un jeux (ou autre) sur son disque dur...

Une nouvelle version est en sortie il y a quelques jours, voici ce qui à été modifié (en anglais, car j'ai la flemme de traduire)  ;-)

DVD2XBOX v0.7.3

Skinners: Please update your skins to use the new option menu in the main menu.
dvd2xbox is sponsored by www.gamefreax.de.
- skinning: added new item dvdxbeicon which displays the embedded xbe title image when a XBOX game DVD is loaded
- added: support for SmartXX V3 and OPX LCD
- added: MP3/OGG to Samba ripping
- added: TheSpecialist unlocker code. This should fix the 11MB video issue which some softmods still have (hopefully)
- added: a shutdown menu to the mainmenu (Reboot,Shutdown,Open/Close Tray, Launch DVD,press Y to activate)
- added: dns lookup. The freedb IP could now also be a hostname
- added: check if the SMB destination directory exists. if yes a number to the directory name is added
- added: text extensions for the viewer can be choosen in dvd2xbox.xml. Viewer called via the action menu displays all files
- gui: some change to the file manager inputs to have it a little bit more like XBMCs file manager (Trigger for fast scrolling, black to open the drive menu, white to open the action menu, A to start xbe's and view text files, B to navigate one folder up, Y to highlight files)
- fixed: Video DVD->SMB and ISO->SMB copy was broken
- fixed: video replacement during copy GAME -> SMB
- fixed: fileprogress greater than 100%
- fixed: emergency key combo (LEFT+RIGHT TRIGGER + Y) sets the skin back to the right default skin
- fixed: null byte files failed to copy via SMB
- skinning: dvd2xbox checks for the file startup.xml to ensure a dvd2xbox skin
- skinning: alignment for text and menu items <align>right</align> (left,right,center)
- skinning: updated Project Mayhem III skin to the newest version


Dvd2xbox est développé par WiSo, vous pouvez le contacter sur forum d'Xbox-scene pour lui signaler un bug ou des améliorations à apporter

Les news sont sur http://dvd2xbox.xbox-scene.com