XBMC 2005-12-25 CVS T3CH

Encore une nouvelle version pour Xbox Media Center, dès le lendemain de Noel...

Voici ce qu'il y a de nouveau (en anglais)

* added: getshares command to HttpApi
* added: workaround for stacking multipart rar sets (ie, filename.partXXX.rar)
* added: HttpApi: FileSize to GetCurrentlyPlaying and the use of ";;" as a literal ";" rather than a separator
* added: Support for treating stacked files as a single volume. Set "Bypass CD Selection" to "Immediately" to test.
* added: Selecting a file from the FileBrowser dialog is equivalent to pressing "Ok".
* fixed: playlist caching
* fixed: list and textbox spincontrols in python
* fixed: HttpApi: GetDirectory
* fixed: dvdplayer would drop frames / stall on a dvd cell change when previous cell didn't have audio and next did
* fixed: GUI Calibration screen was constantly allocating/deallocating it's resources.
* fixed: Musicdatabase upgrade to 1.4 failed if songs from the same album had different thumbid's.
* fixed: [ 1380153 ] DVD playback with subtitles not in sync
* fixed: dvdplayer could stall on rewind due to full audio buffer
* fixed: Thumbpanel highlighting wasn't working correctly.
* fixed: some menu overlays did not display properly or not at all in the dvdplayer
* fixed/changed: dvdplayer reported wrong total time for movie / dvdplayer now uses libdvdnav's time seek for seeking
* fixed: [ 1378710 ] DVDplayer crash when swithing from fullscreen to thumbnail
* fixed: potential deadlock when using ffmpeg demuxer in dvdplayer and it returns a negative package size
* changed: moved music library into a directory class. MusicDatabase will be updated to version 1.4
* changed: moved sorting and available view as controls out of the my music windows
* changed: My Music Library would incorrectly handle artists and albums that were blank as if they were the "all" item. These items are now filtered out of the display.
* changed: dvdplayer now checks for eof on read error. if the error is really end of file, exit player, otherwise retry.
* changed: Moved resume time saving into the application class.
* changed: Better solution for genre problem in libid3tag.dll.
* changed: improved seeking accuracy in dvdplayer. (fixed libdvdnav.dll time_search to use time map in dvd)
* changed: tuned FF/RW for dvdplayer (only enabled in debug builds)
* updated: Swedish, Korean, Italian, German, Norwegian, Dutch language file

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