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XBMC du 27-09-2005 (T3CH)

Encore une version de plus, on a à peine le temps de parler de la version précédente qu'une nouvelle version est déjà en ligne...

Pas le courrage de traduire, alors voici l'extrait du fichier .txt (en anglais)

26-09-2005 fixed: when adding a music folder to playlist, extensions are removed if hide media extensions is enabled (atleast until the background loader renames the item)
- 26-09-2005 fixed: DVDPlayer playback failed on DreamX 1480. (Also more early/late using mplayer on those boxes) (updated)
- 26-09-2005 fixed: GYM should play now and not crash xbox.
- 25-09-2005 added: GYM (Genesis music file) codec to paplayer. Based on gens' apu.
- 25-09-2005 fixed: Minor big/little-endian issue in AC3Codec. (PAPlayer)
- 25-09-2005 fixed: ac3/dts stopped decoding if a bad frame was found, bad frames are now ignored. (PAPlayer)
- 25-09-2005 added: rar files can now be extracted using filemanager.
- 25-09-2005 updated: German language file
- 25-09-2005 updated: Italian language file (Thnx to kotix)
- 25-09-2005 updated: Norwegian language file (Thnx to vnm)
- 25-09-2005 updated: French language file (Thnx to lacrevette)
- 25-09-2005 changed: removed load of libdvdcss-2.dll from InputStreamNavigator
- 25-09-2005 changed: cdripper now uses original vorbis dlls ( dlls in \system\cdrip got updated)
- 25-09-2005 fixed: my music files not filtering files by extension
- 25-09-2005 fixed: problems using window ID 5
- 25-09-2005 added: dlls load referenced dlls when a dll is loaded
- 25-09-2005 updated: Xboxmediacenter.xml, added .SPC to music extensions
- 24-09-2005 fixed: Visualization NONE resulted in 1 logentry / frame
- 24-09-2005 updated: kai-vectors.xml
- 24-09-2005 changed: added more default paths for MyPrograms bookmarks (emulators/apps).
- 24-09-2005 fixed: Potential crash in NSF codec.
- 24-09-2005 added: SPC (Super NES sound file) codec for paplayer. Based on snes9x's APU.
- 24-09-2005 added: New Screensaver: "Slideshow"! You can define the folder, where your pictures are. Recursive Slideshow! [GeminiServer]
- 23-09-2005 fixed: AlarmClock command parser.
- 23-09-2005 fixed: Release build wouldn't compile due to missing file
- 23-09-2005 fixed: very short wavs (< 1 second) could not be played (PAPlayer)
- 23-09-2005 fixed: mono mp3's could not be played (PAPlayer, MadCodec.dll)
- 23-09-2005 changed: [ 1286764 ] slightly modified, added E:\Games\ & G:\Games\ to Myprograms Games bookmark.
- 23-09-2005 fixed: site help or any xbmc.* command without parameters had to be called as site() to work. alarmclock's parameters still has this "bug"
- 23-09-2005 fixed: playback from daap bookmarks, mplayer is used as workaround
- 23-09-2005 fixed: "skipnext" on the last item of a video playlist returns back to gui
- 23-09-2005 fixed: queuing of stacked items in my video files view
- 22-09-2005 added: support for prefix and suffix in regexp matching. (specific matches without removing what was matched from displayed name)
- 22-09-2005 added: parameter validation for logpath

source : xboxmediacenter

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