Xbox Media Center du 06 septembre 2005

Il n'a pas fallut 2 semaines à XBMC pour sortirà nouveau une nouvelle version de son lecteur multimédia, la version XBMC-CVS_2005-09-06-T3CH

Encore un grand bravo à la Team XBMC, n'hésitez pas à leur faire un don pour les remercier de leur travail...

Voici un extrait du fichier .txt (en anglais, car j'ai pas le courrage de traduire)

* XBMC * T3CH * XBMC * T3CH * XBMC * T3CH * XBMC * T3CH * XBMC * T3CH *
XBMC CVS 2005-09-06 (6th of September 2005)

This is a BAREBONE package, with just a few small additions compared
to what was in XBMC CVS repository when this build was compiled:

+ BritneysPAIRS's ~110 choosen Milkdrop presets (visualisations: MD - BPs Selection)
+ Mouton's QuickTimeBrowser 1.36a SCRIPT (scripts: QuickTimeBrowser1.36a\)
+ EnderW's XBMCScripts Installer 1.0 SCRIPT (scripts: XBMCScripts)
+ Nullsoft's IN_MP3.dll, which is needed for gapless mp3 playback (system\players\paplayer\)
+ Codecs for mplayer (system\players\mplayer\codecs\:*)
* T3CH * XBMC * T3CH * XBMC * T3CH * XBMC * T3CH * XBMC * T3CH * XBMC * T3CH

XBMC's online manual can be found at http://manual.xboxmediacenter.com .
Any questions or support issues, are best asked in the XBMC support forums,
which are located at http://forums.xboxmediacenter.com,
or in the official support channel, #xbmc on EFnet.

If you want other skins (make sure they are up-to-date and compatible before installing them), see
* http://www.allxboxskins.com/skins/index.php?app=XBMC&cat=0 or
* http://www.xbox-skins.net/forums/index.php?dlcategory=7

If you want other scripts (extra 3rd party components), see
* http://www.xbmcscripts.com , or use the included script installer!

The xbe has been retail patched and was built using v5849 of the XDK.

If you want to remove the startup sound or logo, remove start.wav or splash.png from the media folder.

XBMC Changelog is included, see Changelog.txt
Skin Changelog is included, see Changelog_PM.txt

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