Xbox Media Center du 30 mai 2005 (XBMC)

Et hop, pas le temps d'essayer toutes les options de Xbox Media Center, qu'ils sortent une nouvelle version, très fort la Team XBMC ;-)

site officiel : 

Voici les derniers correctifs des versions de XBMC, en anglais, car j'ai pas le courrage de traduire ce soir  :-(

added/fixed: (dd-mm-yyyy) (please specify date in CET)
- 30-05-2005 updated: mplayer.dll
- 30-05-2005 updated: Swedish strings.xml Again: Please submit better translations if possible for this as i know some translations just suck!
- 30-05-2005 reverted: aspectratio change in dvdplayer (original solution was much better) + added aspectratio override from dvd ifo files.
- 30-05-2005 fixed: some frames where missed when navigating in dvd menus. (only partial fix, still problems)
- 29-05-2005 changed: simplified vorbisfile.dll handling
- 29-05-2005 fixed: ogg and flac files could not be started from the database view after rescan
- 29-05-2005 fixed: audioscrobbler submits only the first song when using PAPlayer v2
- 29-05-2005 added: support for ogg bitstreams aka chapters (vorbisfile.dll got updated)
- 28-05-2005 added: SF patch [ 1203847 ] New info tags for musicplayer, thanks to desertbear
new info item are: MusicPlayer.PlaylistPosition, MusicPlayer.PlaylistLength, MusicPlayer.Codec
MusicPlayer.Bitrate (kbps), MusicPlayer.BitsPerSample, MusicPlayer.Channels, MusicPlayer.SampleRate (kHz)
- 28-05-2005 fixed: SMB Share Controll, when set to Normal User, the default share place should be all [GeminiServer]
- 27-05-2005 updated: Korean language file (Thnx to AkoXko)
- 27-05-2005 updated: German language file
- 27-05-2005 updated: Italian language file (Thnx to kotix)
- 27-05-2005 updated: Norwegian language file (Thnx to vnm)
- 27-05-2005 updated: French language file (Thnx to modhack)
- 27-05-2005 updated: Polish language file (Thnx to napek)
- 27-05-2005 fixed: shoutcast playlists were broken
- 27-05-2005 fixed: different info tags are not shown when file has no tag
- 27-05-2005 fixed: g_applicationMessenger.PictureShow - browser interface would not display single picture
- 27-05-2005 added: SMB Share control within the GUI! [GeminiServer]
This will make it easy to set the SMB share, instead of XboxMediaCenter.xml editing to set the <samba> settings.
it will set the Shares automatic to the desired groups like Video, Musik [also choose able].
You can define the IP, Workgroup, Username, Password, WINS-Server, Share Name!
Also you can define the Settings mode for Advanced or Normal user, to hold it Simple for the beginners
SMB Share Setting is located --> Settings - Network - SMB Share!

Si vous voulez aider la Team XBMC à développer vous pouvez leur faire un don par Paypal (au dessus de 50 $ on deviens Membre+ et on est cité, si on le désire sur cette page de leur site, bien sur j'ai participer, car sans les développeurs, la puce ne servirait pas à grand chose)

Pour télécharger les fichiers sources de XBMC, cliquez ici

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